Dress Déjà Vu – Marc by Marc Jacobs vs. Moniko Claire

by Profashionelle on February 10, 2009 · 0 comments

Does anyone else see a pretty gross Marc by Marc Jacobs “Alessandra Pussy Bow” dress knockoff here? I don’t even know where to start, it’s such a hot mess.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Alessandra Bow Dress vs. Moniko Claire

First, they got the material all wrong. The original is pure silk while the knockoff version seems to be polyester. They also gave the model that dress 2 sizes too big. See how it just hangs like a tent from her body while it hugs the model’s curves on the left? But the worst thing about it is the messed up bow on the collar. I mean, come on, don’t they know how to loop a decent looking bow?

Albeit looking very cheap the dress still costs freakishly $210. Considering that the original Marc by Marc Jacobs went on final sale at NeimanMarcus for $150, it’s blatant usury. Even Forever 21, where such a dress would cost $30 max, makes better knockoffs.

If you hoped to find a link to the original dress here, I’m sorry to disappoint you. The dress sold out fast after it was seen on Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl…which directly leads me to…

Blair Waldorf vs. Fergie

Blair Waldorf and Fergie wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs Alessandra Pussy Bow Dress

… A Fashion Faceoff! Leighton Meester (aka Blair Waldorf) has been sporting this cute preppy dress in the second Gossip Girl episode of season two called “Never been Marcused“.

Fergie did the same by wearing it to a Marc by Marc Jacobs fashion show with…sunglasses…in a dark showroom. Yeah, classy!

Who wore Marc by Marc Jacobs better?

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