Spring/Summer 2010 Shoe Trend Preview

by Profashionelle on December 22, 2009 · 0 comments

Spring/Summer 2010 Shoes

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  1. LANVIN: Patent and Suede Pumpscj, $1.057
  2. BALMAIN: Metal Net Suede Sandalscj, $1.890
  3. ALEXANDER WANG: Striped Canvas Freja Bootscj, $1.111
  4. FENDI: Wrap Lycra and Plexi Platform Sandalscj, $1.553
  5. GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI: Multi Color Stone Embellished Sandals, $1.980
  6. CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN: Silk Satin Greissimo Pumpscj, $845
  7. GIVENCHY: Moroccan Studded Ankle Strap Sandalscj, $1.305
  8. DSQUARED²: Patent Folded Strap Booty Bootscj, $1.257
  9. SALVATORE FERRAGAMO: Studded Scale Giordana Sandalscj, $1.354

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They’re BACK! Sam Edelman “Zoe” Boots

by Profashionelle on September 13, 2009 · 1 comment

UPDATE: Just wanted to let you all know that the Sam Edelman “Zoe” booties are now also available at Zapposcj, Endlessendless and Footnotes. Go grab them if you haven’t already!

Whenever I stumble upon designer knockoffs, I normally post them on my other blog called (go check it out if you haven’t already), but since I know how coveted Sam Edelman’s Balenciaga knockoffs are, I just had to share the news with ALL of my readers.

Remember Balenciaga’s Fall 2006 harness platform boots made famous by Mary-Kate Olsen? Sam Edelman released a great knockoff version called the “Zoe” boot in 2007 and these boots were so popular they sold out super fast. Now, 2 years later, due to popular demand Sam Edelman decided to bring the “Zoe” boot back! If you missed out on these back then, this is your second chance! They are expensive, but still going like hot cakes, so you better hurry and place your order right away as the first shipment of these boots was sold out within 2 days.

Sam Edelman Zoe Ankle Boots (Balenciaga Fall 2006 knockoffs)

Sam Edelman “Zoe” Bootscj
($345, Jildor)

P.S.: Also available at Zapposcj, Endlessendless and Footnotes.

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Jordin Sparks, Lindsay Lohan & Paris Hilton wearing Bebe dresses and shoes

I noticed a certain trend on the red carpet lately. Celebrities like Jordin Sparks, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are more and more stepping away from their usual, steep high fashion items in favor of more budget-friendly, accessible high street stuff. Case in point: Bebe.

Jordin has been spotted wearing Bebe several times already, but seeing her in a $139 satin dress at such an important red carpet outing as the Teen Choice Awards was quite a surprise. The same can be applied to LiLo and Paris who wore a Balmain inspired sequin mini dress to a Maxim event a few days ago.

The question resulting from this is: are celebrities finally affected by the economical crisis just as the rest of us or could it be that Bebe is quite the secret fashion tip among celebs nowadays? Up to you to decide.

Go Shopping:

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Bebe Fall 2009 Collection Lookbook - Inspiration from Vampires & Twilight

For Spring 2009 Bebe was heavily “inspired” by Balmain. For their latest Fall collection they took inspiration from the darkest creatures to roam the shadows: VAMPIRES! Ever since Twilight has become the next Harry Potter phenomenon letting teenagers faint by the dozen, it is utterly impossible to NOT stumble upon vampires EVERYWHERE.

There are vampire books, vampire movies and a whole lot of vampire merchandise. And thanks to Bebe you can now dress like your favorite vampire. The trend has finally pushed its way into the fashion world.

Bebe Fall 2009 Collection - Inspired by Vampires?

Bebe’s Fall 2009 lookbook features a dark and moody setting. The color palette is mostly limited to black and the clothes give off this distinct romantic gothic vibe with victorian details like lace, embroideries, hair pieces, frills, ruffles and beaded necklaces.


Bebe Fall 2009 Collection - The fashionable vampire fashionista?

What do you think of this trend? I find myself liking a few of the pieces and am curious to see more. What about you? Can you imagine being a fashionable vampire fashionista? 😉

Bebe's Fall 2009 collection is...

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Bebe Fall 2009 Collection - Dark & Moody

BTW: I wanted to know what the fuzz is all about and watched Twilight last week. And while I realize that this film is rather targeted at a teenage audience I really had to pause it once in a while to laugh out loud because the majority of the dialogues were beyond gaudy. Too sticky & sweet.

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Erica Anenberg Double Rings

Go Shopping:

  1. Erica Anenberg Bow Double Ringcj, $93
  2. Erica Anenberg Three Star Double Ringcj, $63
  3. Erica Anenberg White Striped Double Ringcj, $75
  4. Erica Anenberg Silver Double Ringcj, $50
  5. Erica Anenberg Aquamarine Double Ringcj, $100
  6. Erica Anenberg Gold Double Ringcj, $50
  7. Erica Anenberg Siam Double Ringcj, $83
  8. Erica Anenberg Je T’Â’aime Double Ringcj, $63
  9. Erica Anenberg Black Striped Double Ringcj, $75
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