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Where to Buy Alexander McQueen

by Profashionelle on February 13, 2010 · 1 comment

Alexander McQueen Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

This was bound to happen. As news of Alexander McQueen‘s passing spread his designs have started to sell out all over the world. I noticed Zappos who carries a lot of Alexander McQueen shoes, handbags and accessories has sold out of over half of their inventory including every single pair of the popular skull clutches (Marissa Collections is the last one to carry a yellow version) in a mere 24 hours! I am now debating whether my finances allow me to purchase a pair of original McQueen heels. Sigh!

I’ve put together a list of all online shopping destinations which carry Alexander McQueen or McQ.

Alexander McQueen:

McQ by Alexander McQueen (lower priced clothing range):

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R.I.P. Alexander McQueen

by Profashionelle on February 11, 2010 · 1 comment

Alexander McQueen - Rest in Peace

Words fail me. Today the world has lost one of its greatest talents Lee Alexander McQueen. What a tragic loss. I’m heartbroken, shocked & deeply saddened. The passing of the 40-year-old British designer leaves a gaping hole in the fashion world.

When I first started showing interest in fashion a few years ago, McQueen was one of the first designers I fell for and admired and until this day no one could come close to his unparalleled talent and creativity. I still can’t believe he is no more. This day is one of the blackest days in the history of fashion.

R.I.P Lee Alexander McQueen. I hope you have found peace & serenity wherever you are now. Never shall you be forgotten!

My thoughts are with McQueen’s family and friends. I can’t remember that I have ever been that affected by the death of someone whom I didn’t know personally. As a tribute to the mastermind that …was… Alexander McQueen and his brilliant creative endeavors, I have created a collage of some of McQueen’s greatest designs. Feel free to download it and use it as your twitter background, on your blog, as a wallpaper, whatever.

Alexander McQueen (1969 – 2010)

Alexander McQueen Tribute

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Versace Spring 2010

by Profashionelle on September 28, 2009 · 0 comments

Versace Spring 2010 Collection

Rating: ★★★★½

Versace’s Spring 2010 collection was a fashion interpretation of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland as Donatella said she’d been inspired by the fantasyland in the film. We had geometric prints dipped in pastel candy colors, paired with Versace’s quintessential slinky, sexy silhouettes and completed with giga high platforms which – even by stiletto lover standards – should be quite a challenge to walk in.

After being disappointed by the Fall 2009 collection I am so happy to see Donatella return to her glory days. Gotta love her for designing clothes that make you want to hit the gym, right?

Versace Spring 2010: Love it or hate it?

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Jimmy Choo for H&M – First Look

by Profashionelle on September 17, 2009 · 2 comments

Jimmy Choo for H&M Shoes

Ladies, it’s time to get excited! Here are the first pictures of Jimmy Choo’s shoe line for H&M which is due to come out November 14, 2009. I spy a lot of interpretations of high-class Jimmy Choos such as “Jedd”, “Bonnie”, “Blaze” & “Seattle” for example. The shoes will be priced between 60€ to 129€. My personal favorite are the studded gladiator stilettos – probably the first pair I’m definitely going to buy. What do you think of the collection so far? Good, bad, worth the price or not so much?

Jimmy Choo for H&M Shoes: Hot or Not?

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Rodarte Spring 2010

by Profashionelle on September 16, 2009 · 0 comments

Rodarte Spring 2010 Collection

At first I was a little disappointed with Laura and Kate Mulleavy’s Spring 2010 collection for Rodarte because the first shown pieces were way too messy and grungy for my liking and I couldn’t shake the thought of picturing homeless people in these clothes – an association I really wasn’t feeling good with.

But halfway through the show, the interesting pieces started to pour in and I was astounded at how much I’ve gone through love and hate with the whole collection. My personal favorites were the black pieces which were shown in the last third of the show. Typical Rodarte with a new twist! The collection’s leitmotif was “scarred and still beautiful” and I think this pretty much sums it up. The Rodarte sisters have once more done a great job – at least for half of the collection. What do you think of it? You can view the whole collection here.

Rodarte Spring 2010: Yay or Nay?

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