Want. Want. Want. – Alexander McQueen Satin Rope Tie Sandals

by Profashionelle on May 13, 2008 · 0 comments

I’ve always been a fan of strappy sandals, but only dared to admire them from afar yet. With such chunky ankles as mine, it’s not easy to pull off shoes like that. So far, I just couldn’t get myself to invest hundreds of dollars in a shoe that might wear me at the end instead the other way round.

But, oh well, this sizzling pair of satin rope tie sandals in Barbie pink really make me think twice about a possible purchase. Basically, all you need are these shoes to spice up a boring black outfit. The bold splash of color will pull the focus down on your feet and distract spectators from possible faux-pas upwards. Cash out $1.100 and this screaming hot pink footwear will soon grace your lucky feet.

Alexander McQueen - Pink Satin Rope Tie Sandals

Pink Alexander McQueen Satin Rope Tie Sandals

P.S.: How CUTE are the golden baubles and tassles?! Just what makes a girl go crazy for.

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