2009 MTV Video Music Awards – Worst Dressed

by Profashionelle on September 14, 2009 · 0 comments

Amber Rose, Amanda Bynes, Beyoncé Knowles, Ashley Greene, Adrienne Bailon and Jennifer Lopez are the worst dressed at the MTV VMAs 2009

Amber RoseWTF? A python printed spandex jumpsuit? Really? Can you say attention whore?

Amanda BynesYawn.com OMG, Amanda Bynes must be the most predictable, unimiganitive starlet to roam the red carpet. I guess we will rather see the world go under than Amanda taking a risk or changing her dress code formula.

Beyoncé KnowlesToo Tight Beyoncé overuses the too tight, too sexy card. I’m starting to get extremely bored by all the almost non-existant clothes she’s been wearing lately. Sasha Fierce? Yeah, whatever.

Ashley GreeneColor Coordination Mishap Ashley Greene is a beautiful girl, but on this occasion she looks like a hillbilly going to prom. Black bustier, gold skirt, white clutch, printed shoes? Color harmony is burning in hell right now. Oh – and the hair does not fit either.

Adrienne BailonPyjama Party? Adrienne Bailon’s yellow printed longsleeve dress is seriously looking like something I own that I wear to bed. It would never come to my mind to wear such an atrocious, silly thing to a red carpet event. Even the kick-ass black Balmain buckle boots can’t save that dress disaster.

Jennifer LopezMaybe Next Time Jennifer Lopez’ red carpet style is always hit and miss for me. On this occasion she just can’t convince me in her tea rose Louis Vuitton strapless dress. The separate sleeves look ridiculous and the black Louboutins – though gorgeous alone – destroy the femininity of the ensemble.

FYI: I purposely did not put up Lady GaGa on this list because it’s pretty obvious that she didn’t dress to impress. The same cannot be said about the above listed celebrities.

Who was the worst dressed at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards?

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